About Us

Brighton People’s Theatre (BPT) was set up in 2017 with the aim to build a theatre company for the city, led by people of the city; particularly those who don’t traditionally engage with theatre. In 2015 The Warwick Commission stated that the wealthiest, best educated, least ethnically diverse 8% of the population are the main producers and consumers of publicly subsidised theatre. We are focused on the 92%.
Our vision is for a society where everyone who wants to can make and enjoy theatre. We’re driven by a deep conviction that the opportunity to make and engage with art is a human right.
We want to diversify the voices making theatre, and the audiences enjoying it, we prioritise our resources on working in areas of high socio-economic deprivation in the City. Co-creation is at the centre of our work, we respond to the communities we work with and aim to build a company that is inclusive.

Press releases

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Brighton-based theatre company is looking for local people to get...

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